We all like a bit of bronzing and the safest and quickest way to achieve this is a spray tan. Sienna X Sunless Spray Tanning is a safe way of achieving an instant, golden brown, sun kissed look. Applied professionally by a fully trained therapist to achieve a flawless, natural looking all over tan. With the increasing risks associated with sunbeds, people are beginning to shy away from traditional UV tanning methods, Sienna X Spray Tanning Treatment offers a safe and healthy alternative and offers you a natural looking tan without the need for exposure to the suns damaging rays or hours on a sun-bed.

Whether having a girl's night in, going on holiday, weekend away, attending a wedding, getting married or just pampering yourself, look great and feel confident with a gorgeous bronzed tan. With a professional spray tan you have no orange patches or streaks which are often the result with rub on tan lotions or wipes.