Beaches & Cream

Thanks to Beaches & Cream's sunbeds, Croydon gets its own bit of summer sun, whatever the weather. Our high street salon is friendly, welcoming and totally up to date. We replace the bulbs on our tanning beds regularly, and offer the products and services we think our customers will really love. At Beaches & Cream, you can choose from our stand up and lay down tanning beds and settle in for a relaxing session that will leave you glowing. To help you get the most out of your session, we've got a range of the best tanning cream and tan shots to boost your tan.

If you enjoy the great results you get from your short tanning sessions, you'll love our toning system. We've brought FLABéLOS to Croydon, letting you in on one of the UK's most popular toning systems. Using oscillation, FLABéLOS tones your body in minutes, giving you a near instant workout without the sweat.