Bronze Up

Bronze Up started as a mobile spray tanning service in Kettering. After a succesful first year we branched out and introduced new treatments to our clients. We all know hours of tanning bed sessions can be costy and unsafe, so how do we get a natural looking tan? You could wait for the British summer but lets face it Britain is not known for its sun! Spray Tans are becoming a beauty must have making you look healthy and slimmer for any occasion, especially weddings.

Prices start from as little as £10 for a shape and polish, up to £30 for the platinum treatment. Foil wraps are fast becomimg the in trend in the nail world. Prices start at £15. Please visit the Nail Treatment page for more info. If you want to loose inches for the summer then get booked in for a body wrap with Bronze Up. You're guaranteed to loose inches from your first treatment. Please visit the Beauty Treatment page for more info.