DHA Labs

Ambermist was created in February 2003 after a visit by Ray Vidler, the founder, to Sunny Florida with his wife. Stephanie had a glorious Spray Tan that looked just like the real thing, which Ray had no idea was even available. On their return, Ray researched the UK market and found there were only a few companies offering Spray Tanning and none of them offered a mobile system.

Ray quickly went to work sourcing the finest ingredients and the best chemist to make the fantastic Ambermist Solutions. Robert Dowdell, the chemist, was based in Florida but before relocating there he was one of the original team at the Body Shop in the UK.

Ray's vision was to source not only the best quality solutions but the highest quality equipment. He found the best airbrush company in the USA, Paasche, who developed the Exclusive Ambermist Airbrush that we still use in our Airbrush systems today.