Jetsun Sunbeds

Established in the 1980's, we have thirty one years of experience within the Sunbed industry including manufacture, domestic and industrial supply, parts and maintenance, Sunbed hire. Most importantly we have a vast knowledge of the health benefits of UVA/UVB, and safe tanning from our own research and the research of leading scientists.

Our journey started many years ago in the form of Sunbed hire for the home and manufacture. Many may remember the old double wooden/pine units with their pinned fuschia velvet head boards that were available back then, our first home hire Sunbed was a single unit delivered on the roof rack of an Austin Mini! But we were the only ones within the north of England offering this service at the time.

We grew the business into a fleet of 900 hire Sunbeds, and we always had repeat custom as we retubed and maintained our Sunbeds meticulously as we do to this day.