This year did not give us many chances to enjoy the beach and soak up some sun. Thankfully, there are tanning salons we can benefit from when we want to bring some color to our skin and make us look like we have just enjoyed a holiday on an exotic island. So, if this is your first time visiting the tanning salon, you may need some guidance on how to optimally use the sunbed and get the best results. This list of helpful and handy sunbed tips will definitely help you make the most of the tanning sessions, so stay tuned and learn more.

Don’t Forget the Skin Analysis Form

Before you decide to purchase a tanning salon course, you should fill in a skin analysis form before your first tanning session and this is something you don’t have to miss as it is very important. Filling in the form will indicate your skin type and how many sessions are recommended for you, what intensity of tanning should be used, and if tanning is actually for you. Depending on your skin type, you will find out your tanning abilities, the number of tanning sessions recommended for you, how frequently you can visit the tanning salon, the duration of each session, etc. Make sure the tanning salon provides you with a skin analysis questionnaire. In addition, it is your responsibility to follow the recommended exposure times In case you have this type of skin that get burns easily, you are recommended to better avoid using the sunbed.

The Right Type of Tanning Equipment

Most tanning salons can offer two choices of equipment when it comes to sunbeds – you can either lay down or stand up. When it comes to a lie-down sunbed, all you need to do is just laying down, relaxing and enjoying. On a vertical sunbed, you will usually stand while holding two handles, you can move freely and it is considered to be the more hygienic option since you don’t come in contact with a surface other people have used and touched.

Clean the Sunbed Before Using It

Ensuring great hygiene is very important, especially considering the current situation the world is in. It is the salon staff’s responsibility to make sure all of the tanning equipment is well maintained and absolutely clean and sanitized. In case you want to further make sure the sunbed is extra clean and sanitized, you should find sunbed sanitisers in the room and you can use them before you use the equipment. Make sure to spray the sanitiser all over the sunbed and wipe it off with a clean cloth or a tissue.

Remove Makeup and Cosmetics

Make sure all makeup and other cosmetics you have applied are removed completely before you start tanning, otherwise you may end up with uneven tanning lines and spots here and there. In addition, some ingredients used in the cosmetics you apply may react with the UV rays and this can lead to you experiencing photosensitivity and some allergies. So leave your skin and face free of all sorts of products and enjoy a good tanning session.

Apply a Sunbed Cream

In order to achieve optimal results from sunbeds, make sure to always apply a sunbed cream or an accelerator before every session. These products are specially designed for indoor tanning equipment and protect your skin while helping you achieve the best tanning results. Thanks to the vitamins and other great ingredients, these products will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. This makes tanning easier and faster and keeps the beautiful skin color for longer.

Dress Properly

No, we don’t mean you need a formal outfit when you visit the tanning studio, this is definitely not the case. The outfit many people would opt for when using tanning equipment is a pair of bikini, underwear, or even their birthday suit in order to avoid all the tan lines. How or if you will dress depends on you and how you feel comfortable.

Protective Eyewear

One thing that is very important and you should ensure with every tanning session is always using protective eyewear. Since the skin of your eyelids is too thin to protect your eyes from the UV radiation in the sunbed, you always want to wear your protective eyewear. These are a type of eyewear that is designed especially for usage in the sunbed and you will be provided with these by the tanning salon since normal sunglasses are not strong enough to help you protect your eyes. You definitely do not want to take that risk of laying in the sunbed without your goggles on, otherwise, you risk causing short- or long-term damage to your eyes.

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